Online Gambling

Free online poker seems to be the new thing. One of my friends won a lot of money in online poker through online casinos and ended up also winning a trip to go play poker in the Bahamas. He had a really great time and it was interesting to see the opportunities that were opened up to him through the gambling online. The trip was totally paid for and he got to do something that he loves doing: poker!

Free online slots are much more convenient obviously than casinos slots because they can be played in your own home instead of having to travel somewhere to a casino. The downside to online slots however is that fact that you could become addicted more easily. With the opportunity to play at your fingertips at all times it could be hard to resist the temptation. That being said, online gambling is a wonderful and fun thing to take part in.

The internet has become such an everyday thing. I go online a hundred times a day. I do my homework and check my grades. I email my dad and check my bank balance (then email my dad again for money ha). The things that people can do online are endless. I know someone who does all of her shopping online. She even gets her groceries delivered to her door (fresh) and she loves it. So online gambling doesn't surprise me one bit. It is actually something that I would be interested in trying sometime. I would probably want to learn how to play poker before betting money on it online, but it sounds like a fun an exciting way to win a little money. A friend of mine just won two thousand dollars playing (of course he actually knows how to play and does it often). I can only aspire to be like that ha.

But with the internet becoming so easy to access and everyone being on it, you do have to make sure you are being safe about where you put your personal information or type in your credit card or bank account number. Just because it says it is safe doesn't mean that it really is. So just being careful about who you tell your information to is key, but also having fun and not being paranoid. The internet brings so many good things, why not have poker be one of them!

Posted on Monday, December 08, 2008 @ 8:54 AM by Rita